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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> $1 million. this is the largest amount ever offered his actions cannot go any further. >> at 11 -- police uping the ante. and are now offering a million dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of accused murderer-- ex-cop chris dorner. the manhunt continues. authorities fanned out for the fourth day -- searching for dorner -- near southern california's big bear mountains. police say they found camping gear along with weapons inside his charred truck. dorner is a former los angeles police officer suspected of three revenge killings. after being fired from the force.
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right now -- surveillance videos and photos are just some of the evidence. federal, state and local law enforcement in california are using to track down the ex-cop. casey wian has the latest on the manhunt for dorner. >> surveillance video showing what appears to be dorner.. memo when i came in monday morning and open up the shop with business issues cool. and after he came back he came back with a magazine clip full of bullets. and a military belt. and he brought it to me and said where did you find this and a they found this behind the dumpster. >> what was as easy was the police station. >> the police station is across the street, believe it or not. >> it is chilling that this
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is connected to a double murder attempt. police would not confirm the videos authenticity but if it matches the vehicle the police department released on thursday. he is suspected at shooting that several people and then he was paying for gasoline in corona, california. separately, the police chief would reopen the investigation into his firing in 20 07. >> he is not opening it because of the accusations or the musings was dealt a multiple murder murder. he wants to make sure that the public is the police department is fair and transparent. >> reporter: several have offered a task force to help locate him. >> one man was killed and another injured in a
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shooting in san jose this afternoon. police say a victim was found fatally wounded on the 14-hundred block of ronda drive. around the same time. a second man arrived at good samaritan hospital with non- life threatening injuries. police say the second victim was at the ronda drive scene before arriving to the hospital. the incident remains under investigation a dramatic rescue -- after a car fell some 500 feet down a ravine in san jose. fire crews rescued the driver trapped inside the car. kron4's scott rates shows us the mangled car and has the latest on the victims' condition. >> reporter: this had to work in very scary inside of that corvette. let me show you what has been going on all night. this tow truck is moving out of the way and this is the crushed corvette. not much left of that car. this happened after 130 near clayton
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road. the driver of that course of up somehow lost control of the corvette. and dropped about 500 ft. of this cliff! the passenger was able to jump out and called 911. the driver however, was dropped for the amount of 2.5 hours. they were able to air lift him out. to a local hospital. speed could have been a factor. the driver has suffered serious injuries but is expected to survive. scott rates, kron 4. >> right now -- the people of hattiesburg, mississippi are trying to assess the damage after a tornado tore through the city on sunday. this is video shot shortly after the tornado touched down. officials say more than a dozen people were injured. martha shade shows us some of the widespread damage.left by the tornado.
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a severe storm system ripped through the southeast sunday evening, creating this terrifying sight in hattiesburg, mississippi. >> "this is happening right outside my hotel, look at that, look at all that damage dude." >> "i heard the sirens, looked ok outside, and then next thing i know, all the lights went out and it got dark outside and i ran to the bathroom and i could hear all the noise outside. it was really a matter of within seconds everything changed." officials say the tornado caused significant damage in the section of hattiesburg where it touched down. >> "that's a very populated area, a lot of businesses in that area, that's where the growth out from hattiesburg has extended, so there's a pretty large, densely populated with businesses as well as residences in that area." a state of emergency was declared on campus at the
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university of southern mississippi, where the tornado damaged a number of buildings. students are currently on mardi gras break. it also hit the athletic fields at oak grove high school. >> "it looks like it went straight through the baseball field and then over student parking lot, all the light poles and other things were ripped up, and then it hit the football facilities." >> reporter: i'm martha shade reporting. >> temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 60s in pleasanton, livermore and san jose. this live look at the san mateo bridge. clear conditions and relatively light wind temperatures will drop for this evening as we start off tomorrow this will warm up decent. with more highs and into the low 60s. perhaps a
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few degrees warmer but first in the morning. we have to get to another cold start. below freezing at or below freezing in the east bay valleys 30's and low 40's by the bay. there is warmer weather coming up. >> this is a recent string of neighborhood break-ins. in what police are calling "door knock burglaries". coming up why undercover cops are now patrolling certain areas. to protect homeowners from being robbed. a mardi gras celebration turned south when 4 people were shot saturday night. we'll have an update on the victims' conditions. plus cleanup underway in then northeast. after a snowstorm pummled through. dumping up to three feet of snow in some areas. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> the blizzard that
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pummeled northeastern states has drifted out to sea. and right now the clean up effort begins. more than 220-thousand homes and businesses are still without power. following the massive snowstorm that swept across the northeast. massachusetts suffered the most outages. the storm dumped up to three feet of snow in some states.and knocked out powers across eight states. from maine to pennysylvania.meanwhile, trains and public transportation networks are also working to get back to full operation in time for tomorrow morning's commute. the national guard isn't in the business of delivering babies. but they had to make an exception early saturday morning in massachusetts. that's because ericka beuno went into labor during the heavy snowstorm. and when the paramedics couldn't get to the home. the national guard stepped in. humvee to get the e-m-t's to beuno's house. once there the e-m-t's music fans.what could possibly be bigger than the coming up, we'll take you front and center to a star studded music event - including bruce springsteen, elton john and sting! including bruce springsteen, elton john and sting! [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice.
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>> "door-knock" burglaries. that's what the san mateo police are calling a recent string of neighborhood break-ins. kron four's philippe djegal shows us why undercover cops are now patrolling certain areas. to protect homeowners from being robbed. >> reporter: first, the san mateo police department says the suspects walk up to a home. then knock on the door a few times. if someone answers, police say the suspects move onto another house. police say the suspects are
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targeting unoccupied homes. most of these crimes are happening on weekdays during daytime hours. if no one's home. the suspects then go around to the side, jump into the backyard and break into the home. investigators say several homes in the shoreview and fiesta gardens neighborhoods have been robbed in recent weeks. one of the victims lives close to nancy lee. >> it did happen if it knocked down the door and they came and and they got out quick. >> reporter: police say lock your doors and windows. don't open the door for anyone you don't know. >> having a security system and a solid front door and the entries to be house
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should be secure. >> reporter: and, be on the lookout for either a charcoal colored four door acura. or, dark colored minivan. investigators say both cars are linked to many of the burglaries. in san mateo, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> police in palo alto released a sketch today of a suspect wanted for robbing a resident at gunpoint in an apartment complex on sunday. the victim had just pulled into the carport on the 1000 block of tanland drive around 8:45 a-m. as the victim got out of his car the suspect approached him and pointed a handgun at the victim's stomach. he then ordered the victim to get back in his car and to hand over his wallet. the suspect is described as a black male in his late 20s or early 30s. about five-foot-eight with a thin build. >> former giants slugger barry bonds is set to appear in court on wednesday to appeal his felony obstruction of justice conviction. and kron four is one of two local news outlets allowed to video tape the court proceedings. the all time home run leader is appealing the 2011 conviction where a jury found that bonds gave an evasive answer to a grand jury questioning him about his alleged steroid use. both kron and fox news will be recording the appeal proceedings on wednesday. you can watch coverage of the hearing on kron-four
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thoughout the evening. >> new at 11 -- police say three of the four people wounded in a shooting on bourbon street last night have been released from the hospital. it happened during mardi gras celebrations. the fourth victimg remains in the hospital in stable condition after he was shot. he underwent surgery after the shooting saturday night. witnesses told police that a fight started outside a strip club called babe's cabaret saturday night. that's when they heard gun shots. police are currently using surveillance video and cell phone footage to try and track down a suspect. right now -- detectives are questioning two men who might be connected to the deadly shooting of a 15- year-old girl in chicago. police say the men ages 18 and 20 years old. were taken into custody this morning. so far -- no charges have been filed. this is video from hadiya pendleton's funeral saturday.
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first lady michelle obama was among the attendees. hadiya was gunned down back in january. just days after performing at the presidential inauguration. police say the gunman mistaken someone in the group pendleton was standing with. as a member of a rival gang. on tuesday president barack obama will deliver the first state of the union address former obama campaign manager stephanie cutter said it will be the perfect chance to lay out his priorities and influence millions of television viewers. >> "they will be very familiar themes. the economy will be central to this speech and so that everybody can participate, a fair shot, pay your fair share. but other things that he does lay out. he'll lay out the looming deadline on this sequester, the tough choices that we have to make around it and the consequences if we let the sequester go into effect. and, you know, cuts to some pretty critical programs. so i think the state of the union is always an important
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moment in a presidency. this is another chance to make the case, not to the people sitting in the room, but the country of the tough choices we have to make and i think he'll make it." >> the white house says that the state of the union address will serve as a book-end to last month's inaugural speech. gun control a hot topic for the nation right now. it's also expected to be one of t he president's talking point in his state of the union this tuesday. you can watch the presdient;s speech live on kron 4's 24/7 channel. it all starts at 6pm on tuesday >> there's only a few days left in brazil's biggest and most vibrant carnival celebration. around one-million people will participate in the four day party based in rio de janeiro. today is day three. the highlight of the festival is the samba parade where schools compete against eachother in full costume. some of those schools will have as many as five- thousand people participating in the parade. the festival is a huge money maker for rio de janeiro. and city officials are
11:22 pm
expecting to generate roughly 665 million dollars for the local economy. >> it is in the middle of summer in brazil. that night, okay. it feels like winter with temperatures dropping into the 20s in some spots. with temperatures not too bad. still 50s through san francisco, oakland, san jose. it is going to be cooler. 30's in napa. we could get closer to the 20's. freezing temperatures for the north bay, the east bay, with mid 30's tonight. and for tomorrow some sunshine and temperatures expected to be a bit warmer 60s for the rest of the week. sunshine and not any rainfall. by that time thursday rose are round
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highs in the '70s. we are going to continue this trend at least four the next week. we have seen and not much rainfall. the typical rainfall is 8-9 in. of rain fall. san francisco, oakland. that is the average here is what we have seen for this year. so far, less than 1 in.. for most locations. everybody is below average but since we've had a lot of rain we are still looking okay for the entire grain this season. clear skies over the west and over the pacific but we are looking at this area of the fair weather that will be the pattern through the week and into the weekend. temperatures will be sunny with the low 60s. concord, fairfield 60s
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in richmond, san leandro. 60s and oakland will be 63 for tomorrow. pretty nice day. the 65 in santa rosa. with the seven day around the bay. not much changing. with some clouds here and there but mostly sunny. the big changes will be the temperatures. we will see those warm up. 60's and 70's. >> the who's who of the music world. gathering in la this weekend. you might think we're talking about the grammy's, but this is a mega benefit event kicking off grammy week. it's called "music cares" - i had a chance to, we're about to take you inches from the stage honoring "the boss!". >> id is an honor to be here tonight.
11:25 pm
>> the soul of america. >> superstars of the music world - including bay area artists bonnie rait and neil young - gathering to support the grammy's music cares. bruce springsteen named person of the year. >> i am glad to be here for music cares they take care of the musician who are taking care of us. peoples whose music has inspired us and the suit their broken hearts. >> the benefit gala rocked all night long with the likes of sting, john legend. and new artists - mumford and sons.and alabama shakes. the highlight of the evening. a jam session - with springsteen, sting, neil young, emmylou harris. here's some cellphone video from the edge of the stage. music cares is about musician's helping raised goes to take care of musicians who don't grab the spotlight. and on a high note tonight. a grammy award goes to the san francisco symphony for a live concert recording of
11:26 pm
works by bay area composer john adams. it's the 15th grammy win for the symphony. congratulations. as the last day pebble beach pro-am came to a close there could be only so stay tuned in to kron four and find out which golfer walked away victorious. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. with embassy suites. for ovnights can feel califolong and lonely.dren, i miss my sister. i miss my old school.
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>> here are some of the scenic shots from the last day of the pebble beach pro- am. and brandt snedeker finally point-one-million-dollars to go along with it. after being tied with james hahn at the end of day three. snedeker jumped out in front early and coasted to his first win on the year. snedeker finished his performance with a seven- under-65. after five starts this year snedeker already has a win. two second place finishes and a third. this win puts him at a career best number four in the world. in other news jim harbaugh finished the day tied for thirteenth place. and this weekend's box office number are in. "identity thief" took the top spot. earning nearly 37 million dollars during its opening weekend. it's the comedy starring jason bateman and melissa mccarthy -- the movie's distributor claims the northeast snowstorm might have choked off 10-percent of the movie's business. the zombie romance. "warm bodies". dropped from last week's number one spot -- earning 11-point-5 million and steven soderberg's rooney mara came in third. making 10 million dollars rooney mara came in third. making 10 million dollars this [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking.

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